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Bayer Business Services
Nokian Tyres
Schindler Group

Why integrate your B2B processes?

Whenever you cross your organizational boundaries and need to integrate the tools your vendors or your customers are using, you’ll need a more strategic approach than just an ad-hoc integration. Why is that?


Standardized onboarding of new customers or vendors drastically decreases the time it takes to connect the tools used by either side


Managing the integrations centrally from one hub allows you to reuse these integrations each time you begin working with new vendors or customers


Working with a new vendor or customer is never just a technical project and removing the technical challenges makes onboarding a lot less challenging


It’s a lot easier to adjust and further improve your ServiceNow integrations from one place for all parties in one go

How ONEiO helps you integrate

Explain briefly what is ONEiO

How we help 1 / Assessment / Pave your way to success

We help you assess your situation to best prepare you for onboarding your vendors or customers. Our landscape assessment can help you formalize your integration roadmap. It’s a concrete plan of action how you can be best prepared and strategic about your integrations.

How we help 2 / Technical aspect / The tool Built for ecosystems of vendors and customers

ONEiO Integration Automation Platform covers both sides. You can directly connect with dozens of vendors who have already connected their service offering to ONEiO. As a service provider, you are able to replicate your service offering via integrations in hours, not weeks or months.

How we help 3 / Experience / Domain expertise / Kilsat mittarissa Decades of experience built-in

We serve large multinational organizations and have been a part of their outsourcing projects to connect their entire ecosystem of IT service providers. While no project is identical, our decades of experience have taught us how to best work with both parties. This expertise is built directly into our platform.

How we help 4 / Low investment to start or test Better workflows across platforms with ONEiO

Connect your organization’s processes with your vendors in a manageable and maintainable way with ONEiO. No developers and no code. We provide integration services as a turn-key solution, as self-service, or something in between.

ONEiO Avoid jumping between tools
Marco Peetz,
Head of IT System Management at Bayer Business Services

We synchronised incidents, problems, change requests between the existing and greenfield ServiceNow instances within a matter of 1-2 weeks which normally would have a been a huge project of several months.


Why ONEiO?

Let’s face it, it’s quite easy to enable IntegrationHub and keep adding more spokes to your workflows when you need them.

Why should you consider ONEiO?

Flexible pricing

We only count messages, not transactions towards your quota. Our flat-rate integrations always keep you within budget.

Out of the box solution

Many of the steps you need to build are ready to go in ONEiO. Forget Javascript and focus on mapping directly through a user interface. 

Built-in expertise

There’s more to it than just the tools you integrate with. We’re experts ready to configure your integrations with you or for you.

More than just ServiceNow integrations

If you’re looking to integrate ServiceNow to another tool, you probably want to integrate that tool to yet another tool. We’ve got you covered!

We are experts in ServiceNow integrations

From global outsourcing projects to enabling better team collaboration, we make sure you can focus on your core business
hour to get your integration started
weeks to take an integration to production
million messages handled per month
years of combined expertise in integrations

Configure your first integration in less than an hour

See for yourself how easy it is
Start integrating
No commitments
100% success rate
No credit cards
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