Service Providers Using ONEiO

Common challenges

Coordinating the responsibilities & ownership

Your customers turn to you for the expertise you can provide them in their IT related challenges. To deliver these services an integration between various tools is what enables you to deliver services at scale and without additional hassle for your customers. Though it is a necessary step to get started, it often isn’t clear who is the most capable party to both set up the integration and make sure it stays operational.

Shorter vendor contracts

Building artificial moats around your business to lock your customers to work with you is only going to harm you in the long run. Switching costs due to an expensive integration project is no longer the way for you to retain your customers. When vendor agreements are shorter, your customers are looking for providers who have the agility required in case they decide to switch vendors.

Ever-changing requirements

Your aim is to grow your business and working with multiple enterprises as customers means that you cannot sustainably adjust to every customer’s process. There’s a tradeoff to be made between being flexible and efficient. You would like to keep developing your well-oiled machine to stay ahead of the curve, but each customer comes with its own ways of working.

Costly and lengthy projects

Building an integration often takes months to complete with a big price tag. Moving to production quicker means that your customers are more satisfied and that you can begin invoicing for your services a lot sooner. Unless your core business is to build integrations, it is in everyone’s interest to eliminate the costly projects.

Results with ONEiO

ONEiO results more elaborated
hour to get your integration started
weeks to take an integration to production
million messages handled per month
years of combined expertise in integrations

The solution

The benefits of using ONEiO

You choose your way

ONEiO will help you find the right solution for both you and your customers. ONEiO brings service providers and customers to one platform, where integrations can be built collaboratively. You choose whether you want a turn-key solution or you want to configure it yourself.

Reduce your time to value

It’s no longer a 6-month project to connect a new customer’s toolset. Our endpoint types connect your ITSM tools and are pre-built to handle any of the ITIL processes. Customizing the logic can be done without any code. By joining ONEiO’s marketplace of endpoint types, you can offer customers an easy and standard way of working with you. It’s tailored for you from your processes and tools, all the way to your own branding.

Straight to definition

Our integration experts assist you in creating the necessary rules and mappings directly in ONEiO. There’s no need to learn how to code or to use complicated systems. Combining your own endpoint type with our rule robot sets up the basis for your integrations in a couple of clicks automatically. We are there to assist you and your customers at any step of the way from configuring to maintaining and further developing your integrations.

Total cost of consumption

Integration projects are no longer a capital expense with ONEiO. By offering our service on the cloud we are able to offer integrations based on how you consume them, not as one-off projects. With ONEiO you can decide whether the cost for operating the integration is on you, or the customer. We charge either by the number of messages sent between tools or for high-volume integrations, a flat rate makes sure you never break the bank.

Integrations independent of your customers

By adding ONEiO as the go-between towards your customers, you remain in control of your own processes. ONEiO adapts, so that you don’t have to; whether it is towards your customers or to your own suppliers. Rest assured that you will no longer have to face another last-minute change to how your tools are set up to satisfy your customer’s requirements.

Expertise in complex multi-vendor orchestration

Managing an ever-changing landscape of several vendors is never an easy task. We are there to help you find the right solution for how you can better exchange information with your customers and other vendors. Years of experience have taught us how to best connect tools and remove the burden of integrations so that you can focus on designing the best service experience for your customers.

ONEiO will help you find the right solution for both you and your customers.
Roope Kaukinen
Senior Integration Architect at TietoEvry

We were able to focus on our core business and save a remarkable amount of time in client projects by cutting out all unnecessary integration development, maintenance, and modification hours. And clients are of course happy with this – many of them have started using ONEiO themselves after learning its benefits with us.



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