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From ITSM tool to cloud provisioning cockpit

Turn your ITSM suite into a cloud provisioning cockpit. Integrate any number of cloud platforms like AWS, or auxiliary tools for analytics or CMDB, directly with your ITSM suite.

How it works: when a service request for more cloud resources reaches your ITSM suite, simply approve the request and ONEiO integrations automate the rest. If you need to deprovision resources, the same process applies in reverse.

A new podium for service orchestration with ONEiO
Third-party vendors, first party performance monitoring

The fuel for a healthier digital ecosystem

When you integrate using ONEiO, you gain a panoramic view of your entire ITSM ecosystem. It doesn’t matter which team makes the request, ONEiO’s approach to integration makes us “tool agnostic”, meaning whether it’s a CRM or an analytics tool, we can integrate it with your ITSM tool of choice.

Additionally, our subscription-based pricing means that our solution is both flexible and scalable based on the requirements of your ecosystem.

Integrate. Automate. Scale.

Don't just manage risk - eliminate it

Integrating more than just tools

Integrate without compromise

Automating manual workflows

Integration breeds automation

Scalability built-in

ONEiO - a practical approach to managing vendors at scale

Looking to build an integrated ITSM ecosystem?

Whether you’re a global enterprise or an IT service provider, integrations can empower your IT ecosystem to run more efficiently. What exactly is an integrated ITSM ecosystem and how do you get there in your own business? Check out our guide to find out how.

Download ONEiO's ecosystem guide

Make ITSM a business asset

Standardization means consistency

Standardize cloud-resource provisioning throughout the entire cycle, from requesting a resource to deployment. Especially useful for teams utilizing IAC practices.

Overhaul provisioning efficiency

Automation leads to efficiency gains and less double work. Additionally, eliminating human error in access control is a great way to improve security.

Control cloud cost-creep

Automate the deprovisioning process to reduce cost creep. A request to deprovision triggers the entire process of removing unneeded cloud resources.

Jan Kritz
COO, Nordcloud
ONEiO quore

Nordcloud and our customers benefit from ONEiO’s integration hub greatly by having transparency and control over the processes and services we deliver and co-create together.

Read the Nordcloud case study

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game-changing integrations?

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