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Transform ticketing workflows

Service monitoring and subsequent incident management processes start to get very complex when multiple touchpoints are involved. Routing the correct information to the right team or customer is a problem that grows with your business.

With ONEiO, these complex escalation chains are simple and automated routing means that monitoring data is guaranteed to reach the right touchpoint instantly.

A new podium for service orchestration with ONEiO
Third-party vendors, first party performance monitoring

Help the help desk

Automation frees up your support team to focus on helping customers. The result — faster ticket resolution times, improved CSAT scores, and reduced customer churn.

Escalations and incident management are only the beginning. ONEiO integrations are modular and scalable to any number of systems in your tooling infrastructure.

Ticket escalation automation is only the start

Don't just manage risk - eliminate it

Expand without compromise

Integrate without compromise

Panoramic ecosystem visibility

Integration breeds automation

Tool-agnostic integrations

ONEiO - a practical approach to managing vendors at scale

Start building your ITSM ecosystem with our free guide

This guide looks at how organizations can build their own connected ITSM ecosystem. The guide looks at service delivery challenges and trends to explore how an ‘ecosystem approach’ to service management is key to long-term growth.

Download ONEiO's ecosystem guide

From cost-center to revenue driver

Make ITSM a business asset

Effective support services are your greatest defense against revenue churn. Treat support services like any other growth driver and invest in optimization.

Automation inspires innovation

Day-to-day processes are the backbone of support services. Give your support team the tools for automation and watch them drive innovation.

Scalable services at manageable costs

Having more customers doesn’t need to increase your headcount. Automation increases efficiency, making your entire support function more cost-effective at scale.

Tobias Lemburg
Solution Architect, ITSM for Bayer
ONEiO quore

I was surprised by the ease of the integrations and also the speed that you could achieve while doing that. As I said, being able to integrate two ServiceNow instances within two weeks is quite remarkable.

Read the Bayer case study

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game-changing integrations?

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