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A zero-commitment, subscription-based service

ONEiO takes an agile approach to system integration, combining proprietary technology and IT-domain expertise to deliver turnkey integrations. 

With modular endpoint types for each system in your tooling infrastructure, all necessary data can flow freely between old and new systems. Now you can concentrate on managing the migration project, and when it’s over, turn off the integration with the flick of a switch.

A new podium for service orchestration with ONEiO
Third-party vendors, first party performance monitoring

The secret weapon in your cloud migration strategy

Whether it’s a single tool-to-tool migration or a major cloud migration project, ONEiO integrations eliminate the risk of data loss, interoperability issues, and service latency.

When moving critical functions from one system to another, ONEiO facilitates a phased approach that frees up IT leaders to focus on governance and organizational change.

ONEiO transforms the phased migration approach

Don't just manage risk - eliminate it

Leap over skill gaps

Integrate without compromise

Never question compatibility

Integration breeds automation

Lower the impact of change

ONEiO - a practical approach to managing vendors at scale

Migrate from ITSM silos to an integrated ecosystem

A successful IT infrastructure operates like a well-orchestrated ecosystem. Discover how scalable, repeatable, and turnkey integrations can help organizations build their own ecosystem with our in-depth guide.

Download ONEiO's ecosystem guide

Beyond integrate-to-migrate

Integration means automation

When you integrate a service end-to-end, you automate many of the manual, redundant processes involved in the delivery of that service.

ONEiO powers ecosystems

Whether integrating external vendor services or de-siloing internal departments, ONEiO integrates teams, tools, and processes.

Future-proofed collaboration

Collaboration initiatives should never fail because of technological restrictions. Make any tools communicate with modular integrations.

Marco Peetz
Bayer Business Services
ONEiO quore

We synchronized incidents, problems, and change requests between the existing and greenfield ServiceNow instances within a matter of 1-2 weeks which normally would have been a huge project of several months.

Read the Bayer case study

Ready to embrace
game-changing integrations?

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