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Standardizing service success

ONEiO employs a standardized process for supplying turnkey service integrations — freeing up providers so you can focus on developing and delivering better services.

End-to-end integration means connecting the teams, tools, and processes throughout the service supply chain. With this holistic approach, service providers gain a platform for customer-centric onboarding across service touchpoints, setting the stage for service delivery success.

A new podium for service orchestration with ONEiO
Third-party vendors, first party performance monitoring

Make customer satisfaction your strategy

IT service providers can reduce churn and improve margins by creating a better B2B customer onboarding experience through service integration.

With ONEiO, both the service provider and customer can continue using the tools and workflows they’re used to. Show that you respect your client’s company culture and don’t force them into using your tools and processes if they need your services. See how we employ this thinking at ONEiO.

Integrated customers are onboarded customers

Don't just manage risk - eliminate it

Revolutionize the service experience

Integrate without compromise

Surpass SLA expectations

Integration breeds automation

Drastically reduce time-to-bid

ONEiO - a practical approach to managing vendors at scale

Encourage your clients to integrate

Discover how scalable, repeatable, and turnkey integrations can help you manage your multi-vendor IT infrastructure more effectively. Our in-depth guide explores how the ONEiO approach to service integration connects with SIAM and ITIL best practices for vendor management. Download the guide and transform your multi-vendor management tactics.

Download ONEiO's ecosystem guide

Make ITSM a business asset

Decrease costs, increase efficiency

By automating manual work, IT teams have more time to focus on improving service delivery, increasing process efficiency, and investing in agile practices.

Collaborate closer across teams

ONEiO integrations aren’t only for vendor-to-customer or vendor-to-vendor connections — you can integrate internal tools and processes too.

Future-proof your service offering

A standardized integration process lets you expand services to new clients easily. New tools are added with ease and your service offering stays up to date.

Topi Aura
IT Service Manager, Business Services
ONEiO quore

One of the big decisions we made was to not invest in hiring integration expertise in-house but to instead utilize the expertise of ONEiO. Whenever there are new clients to onboard, ONEiO is part of the onboarding process.

Read the NIXU case study

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game-changing integrations?

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