Words from our clients

customer references

We see ONEiO as the new kid on the block, disrupting old-fashioned technical integration consultancy with a fast, secure and transparent iPaaS solution.

Finn Nøhr
Senior Integration Architect

We’re using ONEiO to integrate both in and out of our organization. It’s been amazing not having to worry about the API’s.

Senior Integration Architect

We are absolutely impressed by the passionate support we get by ONEiO. This was basically more than outstanding, I do not have the words for it, how impressive it was. This is something unusual for a company and this is something we have not seen so far from other companies. Here’s a passionate team, delivering services at any time.

Marco Peetz
Senior Integration Architect
Bayer Business Services

A great feature of this product is that you can easily see when a message fails and the messages stay queued up and are not lost, which is very beneficial when there is a problem in the integration, because the sent data is not lost.

April Gonzalez
Senior Integration Architect

With ONEiO integrated to our service management technologies we are able to provide a modern and full-blown service management offering to our clients and help them to digitalize their businesses.

Kim Casén
Senior Integration Architect

Nordcloud and our customers benefit from ONEiO integration hub greatly by having transparency and control over the processes and services we deliver and co-create together.

Jan Kritz
Senior Integration Architect

I’ve been in IT almost 30 years now and I’ve worked with a lot of vendors and I have to say, ONEiO is towards the top of my list of being easy to work with and really trying to go out of their way to help us be successful as customers. They’ve been phenomenal to work with.

Denise Taylor
Senior Integration Architect

We were able to focus on our core business and save a remarkable amount of time in client projects by cutting out all unnecessary integration development, maintenance, and modification hours. And clients are of course happy with this – many of them have started using ONEiO themselves after learning its benefits with us.

Roope Kaukinen
Senior Integration Architect

Clients demand faster and easier deployment of new solutions as well as flexibility. We use ONEiO in our ServiceNow practice to remove bottlenecks efficiently from integration projects. This is why the partnership with ONEiO is an important mainstay for us.

Jukka Hämäläinen
Senior Integration Architect

Being able to integrate two ServiceNow instances within two weeks is quite remarkable. We also get the support along with it whenever we need it. That wasn’t just an empty promise, we actually got all the support that we needed and when we needed it.

Tobias Lemburg
Senior Integration Architect
Bayer Business Services

We’ve been seeking an expert in the field of integrations who can provide the level of service, technology and support that our customers have grown to expect from us and we have found that in ONEiO. With ONEiO in place we are providing our customers with a top solution that is lightning fast. We look forward to further progress alongside our new knowledgeable and experienced partner while continuing to exceed the expectations of our current and future customers.

Glenn Alvérus
Senior Integration Architect

It was very easy to start the ONEiO trial subscription. It enabled us to find the basics of the platform, get familiar with it and understand why it is better than traditional point-to-point integrations we are used to working with. When we upgraded to the professional plan, it happened so quickly and smoothly, we didn’t even realize that something had changed.

Jukka Jokinen
Senior Integration Architect
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