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Put Your CFO hat on: Integration-induced headaches on IT spend

Don't just manage risk - eliminate it

Integration projects are large and unpredictable CAPEX

Integrate without compromise

Unpredictable running integration costs

Integration breeds automation

Integrations bind critical resources

ONEiO - a practical approach to managing vendors at scale

Embrace the modern SaaS approach: Don’t build and run integrations, subscribe to them ensuring enterprise-grade security and reliability

Save 50-70% in integration-related TCO

Integration implementation projects and maintenance come with high CAPEX price tags. ONEiO bundles implementation, monitoring and maintenance into a single subscription, so everything related to integrations runs under OPEX (operational expenditure). ONEiO’s AI-powered cloud-based integration service allows us to offer integrations at an unbeatable price point with unparalleled time-to-production.

Release IT budget for business-critical initiatives

ONEiO’s integration-as-a-service approach allows you to shift integration costs from CAPEX to OPEX. Convert risky integration project costs and unpredictable infrastructure and running costs into manageable subscription-based costs. This method allows IT leaders to get more IT spend under management and release CAPEX to more business critical IT development initiatives.

Embrace the modern SaaS approach

ONEiO’s integration-as-a-service approach provides simplicity and enterprise-grade scalability. All components you would typically build or buy, bundled up in a single subscription. We guarantee that integrations are up and running 24/7 and with zero maintenance breaks. Our service is GDPR compliant and IS0270001 certified. Choose between a fully managed and no-code self-service approach, both of which come with simple and pay-per-use subscription-based pricing models.

Jan Kritz
COO, Nordcloud
ONEiO quore

Nordcloud and our customers benefit from ONEiO’s integration hub greatly by having transparency and control over the processes and services we deliver and co-create together.

Read the Nordcloud case study

Looking for means to do more with less and get more IT spend under management?

Whether integrations mean a cost headache, in your budgeting and planning or your integration experts struggle with their deliverables against business’ expectations—an integration subscription can help get more spend under management,  streamlining staffing costs and release budget for more business-critical IT development initiatives. Check out our guide to find out how.

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