First commercial prototype
ONEiO launches first commercial prototype. Proprietary, canonical data model can translate between any tool or process. 
Commercial expansion to central Europe
With a focus on integrating the most intricate IT service management ecosystems of partners like Atos, CGI, CDW, Schindler, and Volkswagen, ONEiO’s unique technology succeeds where others fail. The success of these projects serves as a catalyst for ONEiO's expansion into Central Europe.
Google’s “Transformer” paper
Google’s paper introduces a novel neural network architecture for natural language processing. “Transformer” replaces sequential models with self-attention mechanisms. What does that mean? Neural networks can now achieve remarkable performance across diverse language tasks.
Software robots introduced
With a continuous evolution from its 2012 prototype, ONEiO's Rule Robot is a pivotal advancement. The Rule Robot fully automates message routing rule setups, marking a milestone in ONEiO’s journey towards full integration automation capabilities. Each innovation such as the Rule Robot brings ONEiO’s capabilities closer to their goal of making collaboration and communication seamless across any number of tools and processes.
EU Horizon 2020 funding
ONEiO secures technology research funding from the European Union's flagship research and innovation program. This endorsement not only fuels scientific excellence and innovation but also serves as a confirmation of ONEiO's strategic integration technology approach.
Integrations for Europe’s largest IT outsourcing project
ONEiO facilitates Europe's largest IT outsourcing project, seamlessly integrating Bayer's ITSM with CapGemini's services and an ecosystem of ITSM partners. Overcoming challenges that stumped other approaches, ONEiO not only surpasses Bayer's initial 9-month timeline but delivers the project in a remarkable 3 months. This customer success case solidifies ONEiO's position as a technology leader in enterprise service integrations, showcasing unparalleled value where others have faltered.
Launch of StableDiffusion image generation AI
Exemplifies AI's expanding role in automating manual workflows. Automating image generation showcases that AI technology is used across various use cases.
ChatGPT release
ChatGPT's release democratizes AI, bringing powerful language models to the masses. Its accessibility empowers diverse users to use advanced AI technology.
Convergence: ONEiO launches ONEAi
Increasingly available AI technologies like LLMs seamlessly align with ONEiO’s proprietary integration approach. Making instant integrations a reality, ONEAi transforms the integration space. Trained with a decade's worth of integration expertise, the result is unparalleled efficiency in integrating tools and services.

"We are so excited to witness the convergence of ONEiO's proprietary integration platform and modern AI technology. Now we can create environments where business collaboration becomes the natural state across all tools, processes, and platforms. ONEiO leads the charge, shaping a future where collaboration knows no bounds."

Juha Berghäll
CEO and co-founder of ONEiO

Our executive team

ONEiO - Juha Berghäll

Juha Berghäll



ONEiO - Janne Kärkkäinen

Janne Kärkkäinen



ONEiO - Erkka Heinola

Erkka Heinola



ONEiO - Tuomas Bergström

Tuomas Bergström

Director of engineering


Our investors


Since 2005, over 70 companies have trusted us to back them, including Wolt, Blueprint Genetics, Swappie, and Omocom. Typically we invest in the Nordics and Baltics. We aim to be the first institutional investor that entrepreneurs turn to when raising their first round. We’re proactive people. After we invest, we’ve identified that talent and expansion are the keys to success. We focus on building real trust with our portfolio and deliver tangible wins.


Tesi (officially Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) is a state-owned investment company that invests in venture capital and private equity funds and directly in Finnish growth companies. 

Fairpoint Capital

Fairpoint Capital is a B2B technology investment fund sprung out of the technology team of SEB Venture Capital. The fund is independent from SEB but the bank remains its main investor. Other investors are institutions with a close relationship to the bank. We thus leverage on more than two decades of technology venture capital investments and exits in well over 50 technology companies.

Our board

Olaf Schmitz


Sami Lampinen



Hadar Cars


Fairpoint Capital

ONEiO - Janne Kärkkäinen

Janne Kärkkäinen



ONEiO - Olli Nuortila

Olli Nuortila



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