How do I integrate Salesforce?

How does ONEiO interact with Salesforce?

Salesforce uses webhooks to push information towards ONEiO. The application needs to be installed within Salesforce.

What do I need to configure an integration?

You will need administrative access to be able to:
- To install applications to your Salesforce
- Create an integration user
- Configure API and OAuth scopes

How do I configure the business logic of the integration?

ONEiO’s rule robot will automatically create you a set of rules to handle a specific use case towards the tools you are integrating with. These rules can be customized according to your needs. Integration rules in Salesforce can be used to control what is sent to ONEiO.

How long does it take to create an integration in ONEiO?

You can install ONEiO’s Salesforce application to simplify your Salesforce configuration. You are up and running in minutes!

Read our step-by-step guide on how to configure Salesforce

What can I integrate in ONEiO?

Integrate bi-directionally with ONEiO’s pre-configured entity types


Create and update any Case records bidirectionally, including attachments.


Create and update any Asset records bidirectionally, including attachments.


Create and update any Contact records bidirectionally, including attachments.


Create and update any Contract records bidirectionally, including attachments.


Create and update any Lead records bidirectionally, including attachments.


Create and update any Opportunity records bidirectionally, including attachments.


Create and update any Order records bidirectionally, including attachments.


Create and update any Product records bidirectionally, including attachments.


You’re free to add other records as entity types within ONEiO.

Common integrations with Salesforce

OUR FOUR MOST common integrations with Salesforce
ONEiO Hexagon Services

Salesforce ServiceNow integration

Connect your CRM with your ITSM tool

ONEiO Hexagon Technology


Connect your developers and IT teams

ONEiO Hexagon Support

Salesforce Salesforce integration

Connect multiple Salesforce instances to each other

ONEiO Hexagon Support

MS Teams

Connect your MS Teams to your ITSM tool

ONEiO Endpoint

What are endpoint types?

Endpoint types go beyond any adaptor or connector

With built-in logic to retrieve just the right information you need, you’re no longer spending time understanding how an API works. Once you have configured a ONEiO endpoint using our wide range of endpoint types, you’re left with deciding the rules for how, when, and where you would like for your information to flow.

Endpoint types will:

  • Take care of authentication towards the tools
  • Adapt what the tools return into a format that is always the same regardless of if the API is returning JSON, XML, an email, or just plain old text
  • Automatically retrieve any additional information from multiple API endpoints and gather it all into an entity type. Entity types collect all necessary information to integrate for example incidents, service requests, contacts, contracts, notes, and much more

Why integrate with ONEiO?

ONEiO removes the challenges of integrating with Salesforce

Bi-directional integrations to any of your tools

Make sure your information is always up-to-date in near real-time. Integrate bi-directionally with another Salesforce instance or a wide range of our available endpoint types.

Easy configuration within Salesforce

A ready-made unmanaged and customizable package application is available to configure your Salesforce.

More flexibility than any AppExchange app or built-in connectors

Offers you better capabilities to orchestrate your business process across the tools you use.

Maintain context in any situation

Maintains the correct IDs in all of the tools you integrate with through our conversation feature.

Marco Peetz
ONEiO quore

“We synchronised incidents, problems, change requests between the existing and greenfield ServiceNow instances within a matter of 1-2 weeks which normally would have a been a huge project of several months.”

Case studies

Read more about the outcomes our customers have reached by using ONEiO for their Salesforce integrations

ICT Elmo

ICT Elmo automated the transfer of customer data between Salesforce and Efecte saving several days of work each month.

Ready to embrace
game-changing integrations?

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