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Designed for IT

Simplify complex ITSM system integrations, enabling quick, and efficient client onboarding.

Our unique adaptation layer connects disparate systems effortlessly, eliminating compatibility challenges.

A new podium for service orchestration with ONEiO
Third-party vendors, first party performance monitoring

AI-powered & cloud-based

Capitalize on our AI-powered integration logic engine for smarter, more efficient and easier integration management.

Enables standardized and guaranteed customer ITSM tool and process integrations.

No hidden costs and surprises

Fixed pricing & reliable delivery times with fully serviced integrations.

100% success rate in integrating tools & processes of complex IT service ecosystems.

A new podium for service orchestration with ONEiO

Your benefits

Reduced onboarding

ONEiO enables significant reduction in the time required to onboard new customers. By automating the integration of systems and services, ONEiO eliminates many manual steps in the onboarding process.

On average, organizations can reduce customer onboarding time by up to 40-60%

Improved onboarding sucess rate

ONEiO ability to seamlessly connect disparate systems ensures that all necessary data flows correctly from the outset, reducing the likelihood of errors and integration issues that can derail the onboarding process.

Customers can gain up to a 30-50% improvement in the success rate of customer onboarding projects.  

Enhanced customer experience

ONEiO ensures a smooth, efficient, and error-free onboarding process and directly contributes to enhanced customer experience. New clients experience fewer delays and issues, leading to a better overall perception of the service provider.

Increase in customer satisfaction scores by up to 20-25%.

Topi Aura
IT Service Manager, Business Services
ONEiO quore

One of the big decisions we made was to not invest in hiring integration expertise in-house but to instead utilize the expertise of ONEiO. Whenever there are new clients to onboard, ONEiO is part of the onboarding process.

Read the NIXU case study

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