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Common challenges

Evergrowing automation backlog

With so many processes to automate, integration teams are becoming the bottleneck in achieving your digital transformation goals. More tools mean more tools to integrate.

Translating requirements

Aligning your integration developers and your business requirements is a tedious process. Many iterations are needed before you see any value as perfect specifications simply does not exist.

Costly and lengthy projects

Building an integration often takes months to complete with a big price tag. Setting up your own team has an even bigger price tag.  When subcontractors or internal teams don’t quite understand your context it leads to delays and added cost.

Hard to switch vendors

Integrations can be a significant source for higher switching costs. Starting another integration project each time you have chosen to switch vendors may be a reason for you to not switch to a better-suited IT vendor.

Partner with 100% integration success rate

hour to get your integration started
weeks to take an integration to production
No failed integrations since 2011
satisfaction guarantee (yes, really)

You get to choose

ONEiO combines tools and expertise into one

Our team of integration experts helps you get started on building integrations with ONEiO. You will always have the choice of managing the integrations yourself or letting us take care of it all for you. Either way, building new integrations to support your business or connect with new vendors or service providers will be a breeze.

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ONEiO combines tools and expertise into one
ONEiO brings you straight to definition with a standardized onboarding experience for your customers.

Straight to definition

Focus on documenting the process, not the technical details

Our integration experts assist you in creating the necessary rules and mappings directly in ONEiO. There’s no need to learn how to code or to use complicated systems, saving your integration team’s precious time. Our rule robot automates many of the specifications you previously had to hand over to developers. All without having to study a single API documentation.

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Total cost of consumption

Transparent and scalable pricing for all your integration needs

Integration projects are no longer a capital expense with ONEiO. We run natively on the cloud, so you pay for only what you consume. Pay by either the quantity of messages sent between tools, or for high volume integrations, a flat rate makes sure you never break the bank.

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ONEiO provides transparent and scalable pricing for all your integration needs
ONEiO gives you freedom to improve your processes independent of your vendors

Integration independence

Freedom to improve your processes independent of your vendors

With ONEiO as the go-between towards your vendors, you remain in control of which vendors you work with. You are not locked in through a costly integration needing replacement when you decide to switch vendors. Our growing marketplace of service provider endpoint types makes it easier than ever to start working with your vendors of choice.

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Reduce your time to value

It’s no longer a 6-month project to connect to your vendors

Our endpoint types connect your ITSM tools and are pre-built to handle any of the ITIL processes. Customizing the logic can be done without any code. Whenever you or a vendor changes tools, our hub model prevents you from having to change everything end to end.

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Leave the development to ONEiO.
Reduce your time to value.
ONEiO - Partner with 25+ years of experience

Partner with 25+ years of experience

We believe humans should collaborate while robots integrate, enabling you to focus on your core business

Managing an ever-changing landscape of multiple vendors and a growing set of tools is never an easy task. Years of experience have taught us how to best connect tools and remove the burden of integrations so that you can focus on designing the best service experience for your customers and employees.

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Marco Peetz
Head of IT System Management at Bayer Business Services
ONEiO quore

“We are absolutely impressed by the passionate support we get by ONEiO. This was basically more than outstanding, I do not have the words for it, how impressive it was. This is something unusual for a company and this is something we have not seen so far from other companies. Here’s a passionate team, delivering services at any time.”

Ready to free yourself from integration hassle?

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Ready to free yourself from integration hassle?
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