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“Fast, reliable, and secure deliveries are at the core of our service value proposition. Our customers do not want to wait months to be onboarded in our services. The integrations should run invisibly in the background as a part of each process flow. In addition, the integrations must be implemented in a timely manner and with a repeatable process even though requirements and deliveries differ”

Nina Ahola-Virkki, Director of CGI’s ServiceNow operations in Finland

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About CGI

HQ: Canada
$14.3 bn

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest independent IT and business consulting services firms in the world. With 91,500 consultants and professionals across the globe, CGI delivers an end-to-end portfolio of capabilities, from strategic IT and business consulting to systems integration, managed IT and business process services and intellectual property solutions. CGI works with clients through a local relationship model complemented by a global delivery network that helps clients digitally transform their organizations and accelerate results. CGI Fiscal 2023 reported revenue is C$14.3 billion, up 11.1% year-over-year or 8.0% year-over-year in constant currency. CGI shares are listed on the TSX (GIB.A) and the NYSE (GIB).

CGI’s integration challenge

CGI provides ServiceNow as a MSP (managed service provider) platform for dozens of clients from several industries. Hence several different processes run on the CGI MSP platforms simultaneously, and as the workflows contain several integrations to client and CGI endpoints, seamless integration flows are crucial for operating day to day business. The system functionalities and API capabilities vary, thus CGI requires a flexible integration platform in order meet various, complex customer requirements.

As CGI acts as the first point of contact for its customer’s end users, it is crucial that all the necessary information is in the right place at the right time across various systems. Integrations should not create bottlenecks in client processes but instead drive flows for a better service experience.

Additionally, CGI needs to have the ability to implement and develop integrations in house. The implementations ought to be lean as customers expect the best return on their investment. The integrations ought to be secure end-to-end as they contain confidential customer data across all processes. Reporting must be up to date at any givenpoint for tracking process accountability across all services.

"Fast, reliable, and secure deliveries are at the core of our service value proposition. Our customers do not want to wait months to be onboarded in our services. The integrations should run invisibly in the background as a part of each process flow. In addition, the integrations must be implemented in a timely manner and with a repeatable process eventhough requirements and deliveries differ", Nina Ahola-Virkki, Director of CGI’s ServiceNow operations in Finland, summarizes.


ONEiO provides a 360 solution for CGI’s integration needs. Whether a new customer is onboarded, or existing integrations developed further, the CGI experts have the know-how and toolset for building integrations to different API endpoints. Depending on the need, the clients either use their own service management platform or CGI’s MSP ServiceNow to report issues, receive assistance or acquire goods. Data required in each process flows seamlessly from one system to another facilitating automation.

"Our clients are increasingly interested in acquiring their service management capabilities in one place. We can develop our capabilities in an agile, proactive manner. ServiceNow and ONEiO are a powerful combination for this need", Nina continues.

The process and CMDB data are integrated between client and CGI platforms easily and in a standardized way. Integration endpoints can be set up within minutes and ready rule blocks can be reutilized when required. If the client flows need to be customized, integration flows can be configured rapidly with ONEiO.

CGI’s experts are trained continuously about the latest ONEiO features and best practices. ONEiO also provides support to gain the full benefit of integration features.

"Our clients can stay reassured that the integration flows keep on running 24/7 without disturbing incidents. As ONEiO is a well maintained, modern platform our customers can rely on receiving worldclass integration services also in the future. I believe AI capabilities will gain more and more ground in this business and we want to be in the front line of this development."

"Unlike conventional AI, which often struggles with contextual understanding, ONEiO's unique IP harnesses more than a decade of context from IT service-related use cases. This proprietary knowledge allows the AI to comprehend the meaning behind data, addressing a key limitation in current artificial intelligence systems. By doing so, ONEiO empowers organizations to move beyond the constraints of human capabilities and traditional integration methods, freeing human teams from the need to understand lower-level tasks, APIs, or system logic, enabling them to cooperate and collaborate as they wish regardless of tools and technologies", says Juha Berghäll, ONEiO’s CEO and Co-Founder. 

"With a decade-long foundation of contextual intelligence, we transcend the limitations of conventional integration methods. The incorporation of AI technology enables us to unlock unparalleled insights from vast datasets and integration logic, marking a revolutionary leap in how we understand and utilize context in enterprise collaboration. Our goal is that we can provide integrations instantly, even for the most demanding multi-point integrations and complex use cases demanding bi-directional dialog between diverse tools and processes, also outside the IT domain", Juha continues.

Client success story: Fingrid Datahub

Fingrid Datahub is one of the most important MSP ServiceNow clients of CGI, which provides datahub application support. When the Finnish electricity market actors have questions, development ideas or issues concerning the datahub, the communication needs to be seamless and transparent between Fingrid Datahub operational teams, CGI, and other vendors.

That is why CGI developed integration flows between a CGI MSP environment and other vendor systems to route and share data related to IT service management and customer service operations. To enable the integration flows CGI utilizes ONEiO as the single point of integration interface.

"The data integrates smoothly and efficiently between systems via the integrations. Accurate integrations are important to us in order to prevent manual labour, optimize our operations and enhance our service", Minna Arffman, director of Fingrid Datahub services concludes.

As the business requires full visibility to each process, CGI also developed a reporting solution to its MSP environment. The utilized data is gathered from the integration flows.

"Fingrid Datahub is one of our most important and developed deliveries. As it is a crucial service in the Finnish electricity market, the support service integrations ought to run 24/7. Fortunately, our long relationship with ONEiO has provided us with the necessary toolset", Nina summarizes.

CGI customer case ONEiO

For further details, feel free to get in touch with us.

ONEiO - Juha Berghall
CGI - Nina Ahola-Virkki

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About ONEiO

ONEiO is a cloud-native integration service provider. We are driving the industrial revolution in the enterprise integration space by removing all traditional integration challenges by automating integration delivery and production and providing integrations as a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, secure and always-on service with an affordable pay-per-use pricing model.

If you are looking for ways to keep your tools and people up to speed, contact us for a free 15-minute assessment to see how we can help you reach better integration outcomes. With a 100% success guarantee!

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