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It was very easy to start the ONEiO trial subscription. It enabled us to find the basics of the platform, get familiar with it and understand why it is better than traditional point-to-point integrations we are used to working with.

Jukka Jokinen, IT Manager at Elmo

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As an IT Service Provider, it is important for ICT Elmo Oy to keep customer data up to date between key systems, like Elmo’s Salesforce CRM and Efecte ITSM. Earlier the customer data (customer company names, addresses, information about customers’ active products and services, etc.) was updated manually from Salesforce to Efecte, which was wasting days per month, and it was still challenging to keep the data in Efecte always fully up to date. The decision was made to automate and move on from the manual swivel chair work and copy and paste method.

Having been contacted by a ONEiO representative previously, Elmo decided to take the free trial available on the ONEiO website.

It was very easy to start the ONEiO trial subscription. It enabled us to find the basics of the platform, get familiar with it and understand why it is better than traditional point-to-point integrations we are used to working with. When we upgraded to the professional plan, it happened so quickly and smoothly, we didn’t even realize that something had changed”, states Jukka Jokinen, IT Manager at Elmo.

Upgrading from ONEiO Free Trial to Professional Plan to MSP Plan

Once upgrading to the professional plan, Elmo found the ability to simply enter a credit card and be charged month to month while testing, before investing further, to be a good and low-risk alternative.

They found that the overall architecture of the platform allowed:

Heightened security via singleendpoint per each system

Ease of management ofintegrations

Ability to control and furtherdevelop integrations by themselves as systems and data keep changing

After gaining more experience via the Professional plan, seeing the value of ONEiO and viewing the MSP Day launch webinar, Elmo made the decision to upgrade to the MSP Plan.

Elmo has various internal and customer facing systems up and running, and there’s a constant need to automate things by having integrations between those systems. If integrations are implemented in the traditional point-to-point way, it easily becomes a jungle, which is difficult and costly to develop and maintain. Security was another aspect we were thinking about. ONEiO’s hub-and-spoke architecture basically decreases the number of needed endpoints to one per system, which is a clear benefit compared to point-to-point integrations”, summarizes Jokinen.

"The main benefit is that we can have full control over the integrations."

Elmo has been very satisfied with the support and service they received via ONEiO in getting started and now enjoy a wealth of integration freedom.

After ONEiO has developed the endpoints, it is pretty much on us to really configure and maintain the integration, define the routing rules and mappings between the systems etc. This is important, as our systems keep on developing and changing basically all the time. We can reflect those changes easily in integrations by ourselves, without always having to turn to the integration service provider to get changes made, as is the case with point-to-point integrations. This gives us the flexibility we need and leads to cost savings in a longer run”, concludes Jokinen.

About ICT Elmo Oy

Elmo is an IT service provider who has been helping Finnish companies to manage and develop their ICT services and systems since 2003. Elmo offers complete ICT services to companies, including Service Desk with ITIL based IT service management processes, ICT consultancy services provided by Elmo’s top ICT professionals, as well as data center and cloud services. On top of that Elmo provides device life cycle and asset management services, including versatile device sales channel and best of breed netstore. At Elmo, everyone's goal is to make customers love ICT by showing how easy everything can be done. Elmo employs more than 80 high-class professionals, and its turnover in 2020 was EUR 12.2 million. Elmo's main business area is Pirkanmaa, and the key growth areas are the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the Turku Region.


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About ONEiO

ONEiO is a cloud-native integration service provider. We are driving the industrial revolution in the enterprise integration space by removing all traditional integration challenges by automating integration delivery and production and providing integrations as a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, secure and always-on service with an affordable pay-per-use pricing model.

If you are looking for ways to keep your tools and people up to speed, contact us for a free 15-minute assessment to see how we can help you reach better integration outcomes. With a 100% success guarantee!

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The Cloud People

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