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“With ONEiO, we have visibility over our whole IT ecosystem. We can trust that our ServiceNow instance is our ultimate source of truth, and that information is flowing between all of our IT services, suppliers and subcontractors.”


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About Valmet


Valmet is a leading developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries worldwide.

Valmet’s integration challenges

Since 2014, Valmet has been on a steady growth path, expanding their portfolio and acquiring companies that help bring them closer to their goals. With this phase of expansion and acquisition, however, comes a great deal of organizational change — particularly in the IT departments. The ITSM systems of the acquired companies were completely isolated, and the service desk teams didn’t know who to contact to solve issues, or where to store the tickets to begin with.

Before even tackling the topic of integration, Valmet faced the common challenge of consolidating ITSM systems after acquiring new companies: how would the new company adapt to the incumbent system, ServiceNow?

On the supplier side, they faced similar challenges — and it’s simply not feasible to ask every supplier to conform to ServiceNow, nor should you have to negotiate on which tools and processes to use. 

Valmet was set on having their ServiceNow instance serve as the single source of truth where all ticket information is collected automatically, and reliably, to give them full visibility and trustworthy reporting over their network of over a dozen suppliers and outsourced service areas. 

How we solved them

Before ONEiO, Valmet was facing a scattered integration solution landscape across internal and external tools, services and processes. Alerts for suppliers had to be created manually, for example when attaching relevant information to an email - hardly a streamlined and automated approach. 

With ONEiO, Valmet was able to create its own Service Management Ecosystem which works across their network of suppliers, contractors, and their internal tools and processes. 

Once a new service is embedded into Valmets own ecosystem, it now communicates with all other tools and services of the ecosystem. This effectively removes manual steps and human errors from the integration process, all while guaranteeing that suppliers can continue using their preferred tools and processes. 

Now, Valmet’s ITSM system (ServiceNow) seamlessly receives and communicates with every party in their IT supply chain. 

With ONEiO’s approach to service integrations Valmet can now:

  • Outsource risks associated with service integrations, so they can concentrate on service delivery
  • Standardize & streamline their service delivery for faster time to value
  • Connect services across everyone in their service delivery without point-to-point integrations, internally and externally
  • Ensure that everyone in their Service Management Ecosystem can keep working with their preferred tools & processes

Valmet's own Service Management Ecosystem.

The thing is, Valmet doesn’t only have enterprise-sized suppliers with state-of-the-art ITSM systems — they also have a handful of small, local suppliers who rely on more traditional processes (think Excel sheets, or pen and paper).

That being said, they’ve found a way to use ONEiO to bring these supplier relationships into the Valmet ecosystem in a way that works for everyone. For example, using a ‘light’  approach, where in low ticket volume relationships, only email data is run through ONEiO.

The result

Configuring new integrations is easy 

When doing integrations the ‘old way’, almost the same amount of effort is required to get an integration up and running every time.

With ONEiO, once the initial work is done in setting up the integration framework, it’s easy to set up new integrations. In other words, repeatable, scalable integrations happen in weeks, rather than months. 

No maintenance work 

When an ITSM system, service or tool updates to a new version, or alters their API, traditional integrations would break. Using ONEiO, there’s no need for keeping up with them at all — Valmet can continue doing the work they do best, while ONEiO’s integration team ensures  no interruptions to the integration ecosystem, ever. 

Confidence in IT supply chain data 

With ONEiO, Valmet can be confident that the data they see in their ServiceNow is truly up-to-date, correct, reliable and include all data necessary for their team and service providers to solve issues efficiently. 

More efficient service desk operations

When the service desk teams don’t have to reach into a dozen portals, unfamiliar ITSM systems or email chains for information, tickets start moving and issues are solved faster.

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About ONEiO

ONEiO is a cloud-native integration service provider. We are driving the industrial revolution in the enterprise integration space by removing all traditional integration challenges by automating integration delivery and production and providing integrations as a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, secure and always-on service with an affordable pay-per-use pricing model.

If you are looking for ways to keep your tools and people up to speed, contact us for a free 15-minute assessment to see how we can help you reach better integration outcomes. With a 100% success guarantee!

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